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    Auto Dimming Rearview Mirror

    Although simple, the rearview mirror is one of the most valuable driver awareness tools in your Kia. When bright lights reflect off the mirror and into your eyes, however, it can create a dangerous distraction. With the addition of an Auto Dimming Rearview Mirror, that is no longer an issue as the mirror automatically dims harsh headlight glares. Kia’s auto Dimming Mirror also features a directional compass and HomeLink so you can wirelessly open garage doors and gates.

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    Floor Mats

    Add some style to your Kia and help keep it clean with a new set of floor mats. You can get Kia floor mats that have your particular model stitched into the mat to help showcase your vehicle preference or protect your upholstery with all-weather floor mats. These easy-to-clean floor mats will help the interior of your Kia stay as pristine as the day you first got behind the wheel.

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    For frequent travelers or the navigationally challenged, a Garmin GPS can helps ensure you reach your destination without scrambling for maps or searching through your smartphone. As a convenient feature that takes the stress out of driving on unfamiliar roads, an integrated GPS is one of a number of useful Kia accessories in Joliet IL that are nice to have in your car.

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    Hood Deflector

    A hood deflector is ideal for channeling airflow away from the windshield to increase aerodynamics and protect the edge of your hood from damage. The addition of a hood deflector to your Kia Forte also helps lead bugs and road debris away from your windshield so you aren’t washing it every few miles.

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    Front and Rear Splash Guards For Tires

    The dirt, dust, grime, and debris from the road will do its best to work its way to the underpinnings and on the sides of your Kia near the tires. Front and rear tire splash guards can help your Kia’s exterior remain clean and also prevent the slow erosion elements from the road might cause over time. These affordable Kia accessories are a good idea for any new car owner.

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    Electronics Holder

    If you are one of the many drivers with a portable GPS device or a smartphone that you use for navigation, a universal electronics holder is a necessity. Rather than fumbling with your device, this stand mounts in your cup holder so you have a secure stand and an easily accessible way of viewing your portable device.