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Justice League Assemble – DC Superheroes Come Together in Themed Kia Sorento

By Bill Jacobs Auto | 07/22/2013 at 11:26 AM

Justice League Kia SorentoWith the announcement of Batman appearing in the Superman sequel at Comic-Con, Justice League fans stirred in excitement, although the new Man of Steel isn’t expected to reach theaters until 2015. Luckily, the Justice League is assembling much sooner than that on the 2014 Kia Sorento.

The Justice League-inspired Sorento features some of the most recognized superheroes from the DC Universe on its exterior, including Batman, Superman, the Green Lantern, Aquaman, the Flash, Cyborg, and Wonder Woman. Additionally, the DC logo is prominently displayed on the hood of the themed Sorento. The themed crossover was designed by Jim Lee and created by West Coast Customs. 

Justice League Sorento Interior Inside, each superhero is represented, although not exactly equally. As you might expect, Superman is behind the wheel and Batman is sitting shotgun. Wonder Woman and Flash are represented in the middle row and Aquaman and Cyborg logos are displayed on the third row head rests. Sadly, the Green Lantern was reduced to center seat in the second row…poor guy.

Although many of the Justice League characters have already earned an individually styled Kia vehicle, this is the first time the entire Justice League will be included on a Kia model.

While the Justice League Sorento is fun for fans of the comics and movies, it’s also for a good cause.  As part of an Ebay charity auction, the Justice League Sorento is part of DC Entertainment’s “We Can Be Heroes” campaign, which raises money to alleviate the severe food crisis in the Horn of Africa.

Bidding for the Justice League Kia Sorento begins at $35,000.

With uniquely styled vehicles like the Justice League Sorento, Kia reinforces it’s light-hearted, fun-to-drive mentality. With the release of some of the 2014 Kia models like the 2014 Kia Cadenza and Kia Sorento, Kia continues evolving its lineup to provide the elite quality and value drivers seek in a new car.

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